Continuous aeration is and has always been one of the core processing components within TFT’s range of equipment. Because it makes products appealing to consumers: the continuous mixing of a gas into a liquid changes the density of the product, and that influences mouth feel, flavour release and texture. There is no better way to improve your brand. When choosing a TFT RotoPlus aerator you become part of our design and process philosophy that is future oriented. To address ever more demanding consumers your process needs to be flexible, accurate, hygienic, energy efficient, CIP-able, user friendly, etc. When aeration is done in a closed, continuous process, as opposed to batch processing, the benefits are:

  • Highest output consistency
  • Complete density (specific weight) control
  • Software controlled reproducibility of the process
  • Less labour intensive
  • Cleaning is in-line, easy (no disassembling) and to highest industrial hygienic standards
  • Improved food safety: process is completely separated from the environment
  • No impact from foreign circumstances like temperature, humidity or foreign matters
  • Reducing human impact on the process (operators like to personalize a process)

The TFT-RotoPlus continuous aerator family: TFT-RotoPilot RP50

The TFT-RotoPLus continuous aerator family starts with benjamin, the TFT-RotoPilot RP50. A bench top unit designed for R&D and research environments but also suitable for small scale production. The mixing head is designed in such a way to match with the bigger production units. Results are easy translatable to production parameters and tests can be done without interfering with your production schedule. Continuous aeration starting at a 5 kg/hr throughput is a useful tool in your development department and is replacing the bench top planetary (that is not giving us the required results).

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The TFT-RotoPlus continuous aerator family: TFT-RotoCompact RP100-250-400-600

The TFT-RotoCompact is a unique vertical design in a wide range of mixing head dimensions. This is definitively the aerator with the smallest footprint in relation to its capacity in the market. Although compact still offering all the TFT features like smart controls, CIP, unique mixing head design etc. When designing the RotoCompact the following design parameters were leading: easy serviceable, maintenance free, compact, reliable, reproducible results, smart HMI. The success of the TFT-RotoCompact over the last years has proven that we succeeded in this mission!

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The TFT-RotoPlus continuous aerator family: TFT-RotoPlus RP1000-2000-3000

The TFT-RotoPlus is the standard in continuous aeration technology. Being present in the market for over 25 years the TFT-RotoPlus has proven its reputation over and over in numerous applications. The fact that we still see machines from these early days doing their tasks on a daily base proves the reliability of this machine. The mixing head design is unique: stronger by it unique pin shape, leak-free by no drilling, lower revs by its unique pre mixing chamber. Over the years TFT has invested a lot of energy in its control software and HMI’s, our philosophy is that a process/machine can on perform well and efficient with a logic and consistent human machine interface. The combination of state of the art controls and its reliable and rigid mechanical designs is a winning combination. We can see the TFT-RotoPlus in countless applications nowadays, stand-alone or in a full process set-up and we are proud to have created this standard.

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