Creating the best customised confectionery, bakery and dairy equipment solutions for your products

As a designer and professional bakery supplier of high quality continuous process lines for bakery, confectionery and dairy products, we can help your business become more successful.

We have over 30 years of worldwide expertise in engineering customised solutions taking into account economic aspects, hygienic design and an optimal process control for your products.

Our Experience Center: the heart of our company

Our Experience Center: the heart of our company

Our Experience Center is equipped for you to develop and test new recipes as well as different types of equipment. Assisting you are our food technologists and engineers to share their process knowledge and practical experience with product development with you. They work closely with clients globally on a daily basis, giving you a solid sparring partner to help you innovate and try out future products for your home market. A lot of the innovation in the food processing equipment segment comes down to refining and simplifying.

Over the years Tanis Food Tec has been one of the leading companies in fine tuning, resulting in expert process solutions for mixing, tempering, aerating, crystallizing and depositing.

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