Assisting you in having the Tanis Food Tec equipment running in prime condition so your production capability and quality standards remain equally high … our aftersales team gets a great kick out of it!

You can contact our aftersales team for on demand technical assistance, but we also offer a broad variety of services, ranging from inspection and maintenance advice to modifications that will allow you to meet new operation standards or recipes.

We keep your parts up-to-par

Our machines are built according to high standards and are renowned for their capability to last very long. However, we can’t prevent the fact that normal operation subjects the machine to wear, over time leading to the decrease of machine-efficiency. And once again: we’re one step ahead with modification- and overhaul services that increase capacity and efficiency, bringing older machines up-to-par with new standards.

We have a helping hand to lend

Tanis Food Tec not only offers high quality products, we also cater to your specific needs with tailor fit solutions. Spare parts orders, modifications, machine health checks, maintenance or inspection: we love to help you out. Just send us our request and we get back to you with a satisfactory answer.



Feel free to contact us

If you need tailor fit solutions according to their respective needs. Whether spare parts orders, modification, machine health checks or maintenance and inspection. Please feel free to contact our Service and Spare parts department.

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