Discover our leading-edge Innovation Lab

Tastes differ, tastes change. As a professional in the bakery and confectionary industry, you want to stay on top of trends, even before they become trendy. How to become such a clever forerunner? A little visit to our Innovation Lab at our headquarters in Lelystad, the Netherlands might just do the tasty trick.

In our Innovation Lab you find all equipment needed to develop and test new recipes. As refining and simplifying make up for the largest part of innovative food processing, TFT is one of the leading companies worldwide specialized in fine tuning your future products. Our Innovation Lab holds all expert process solutions for mixing, tempering, aeration, crystallizing and depositing.

Our food technologists and engineers are always around to share their wealth of process knowledge and practical experience with you. Solid, experienced sparring partners that love helping you innovatively create the perfect formula for sweet delights.

We hand out knowledge and experience like candy

Throughout the years, TFT has acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience. Hardly surprising as we managed, launched and commissioned numerous bakeries and factories worldwide. This long-standing experience and know-how, topped with relevant, outstanding research and development, wide-ranging technical skills, product- and process development makes us reliable experts in our business.

As treats taste best when shared, you -our customer- are more than welcome in our Innovation Lab. Here you can test, study and train all your future sweet delights. Also, we are more than willing and able to help you with a swift yet efficient start-up, commissioning and construction of your ordered plant. Together with your supervisors and operations we can run tests at our Innovation Lab, so you can start dole out your sweet supply as soon as possible.

We are great fans of new, appetizing product ideas coming to life. That’s why we avidly support our clients by executing product trials at our Innovation Lab. Found a new, yummy combination of ingredients? Side by side, your and our engineers can put it into practice and together achieve the tastiest results.

Embrace the Wonka in you

Whatever step it takes; reworking or finetuning the recipe, a made-to-measure adaption of process steps or equipment: every phase is executed with the utmost professionalism. And with a lot of excitement and fun. You simply can’t help feeling a bit like Willy Wonka when bringing to life the delightful products you imagined. Rather cook up some inventive sweets at your own factory? Just rent the equipment and you’re ready to go and perform tests on location.

Let’s talk sweet innovation

Whatever route towards inventive product ideas you wish to take, we are more than willing to discuss all possibilities and specifications with you. Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone (+31 320 281213) or contact sheet.


Our in-house innovation lab is ready for you

Either way we are happy to discuss the possibilities and specifications with you; please feel free to contact us by phone (+31.320.281213) or via the contact sheet.

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