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At Tanis Food Tec (TFT) sweetness runs through our veins. As an established Dutch food equipment designer, TFT completely get the sugary world of bakery and confectionery products. We understand what is needed where, when and in what capacity. We are experts in designing continuous, high quality process lines and customized solutions that kickstart innovative, irresistible treats.

Through our sophisticated full-automatic plants we offer the best solutions, from weighing, preparing, premixing and tempering -crystalizing- plasticizing all the way to aerating, depositing, coating, and the finishing touch of mouth-watering decorating. We even came up with an optional and refined Cleaning in Place system that fits all solutions to a T.

In 2020 Tanis Food Tec joins forces with Orangeworks

Orangeworks was established in 1970 by founder Cyriel Kint under the name of Staalwerk in the village of Mill in the Netherlands. Over the course of 50 years, the company has evolved from a focus on engineering and technical solutions to one that is geared toward food technology. This strategy has allowed Orangeworks to count (global) brands such as Mars Wrigley, Kellogg’s, Pepsico, Heineken and NestlĂ© among its client base.

Joining forces with Orangeworks means that process knowledge, creativity and production efficiency are now being brought together. With a strong basis in high end knowledge in food technology, Orangeworks and TFT are developing and building machines and production equipment together to help our customers innovate their markets and niches.


In fact, our entire business operation is built upon high grade service. For instance, all our equipment is designed according to the strict regulations of EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group) of which we are a proud member. Also, we provide promising start-ups and extensive aftersales. Not to mention our state-of-the-art Innovation Lab where we help you cook up the tastiest formulas that’ll wow your customers.

Three decades of passionate partnership in all things sweet

We like to take things very personal at TFT. Especially when it concerns our approach to our business and clients. We stay true to our family values and share a passionate drive to process all sweet delights you desire. Supporting you all the way. Without fuss, full of direct communication and with great pleasure. Characteristics that make us a future-orientated, reliable partner for confectionery and dairy manufacturers and industrial bakers.

Since 1991, we support the bakery, confectionery and dairy industry through our top-notch process lines and ongoing process knowledge. Knowledge that we love to share. As we speak, hundreds of our continuous, software-controlled production lines around the globe make millions of carefully crafted, yummy treats. With the personal touch of perfectly customized, personalized lines that cater to every need: from the required product recipe to its necessary process steps.


This inclusive, personal way of thinking results in the fact that throughout the last three decades TFT has established a leading position and became the number one choice of manufacturers worldwide. Our winning recipe? Combining smart, simple solutions with supportive service. We go out of our way to give you that extra push towards more success, whether you are an established brand or a fresh face, starting up production in new markets.

We get a sugary kick out of making the world a little sweeter. Check our new brochure!


We are a proud member of EHEDG!


A personal approach to business

At the heart of TFT lies a personal approach to business. No fuss, direct communication lines and taking pleasure in supporting you! Please feel free to contact us

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