It is with great pleasure that we can inform you that Orangeworks group has appointed Mirjam van Dijk as CCO Orangeworks group and Director TFT Lelystad.

Mirjam van Dijk brings over 25 years of experience and knowledge in the global process technology and production and engineering industry. With her innovative leadership and her global network in the industry she will join the team of Orangeworks and TFT to help deliver the international growth ambition of the group. Mirjam is an experienced executive in the engineering and supply of machinery process lines and services with a strong background in strategy, sales. marketing and innovations. After finishing her degree in Marketing and a financial MBA she has joined the MPE group (Terlet) and in 2000 she joined the machine company Duyvis and has led Royal Duyvis Wiener Group for over 15 years. Orangeworks and TFT are happy with the strengthening of their team and look forward in successfully realising their mutual ambitions in servicing the global customers even better in the future.

Mirjam: “I have had the pleasure in knowing Peter Tanis and several of the colleagues at TFT for more than 20 Years. So when he introduced me to Koen Verstegen, Managing Director of Orangeworks, it was a great match from the start. I look forward in working with my new colleagues and welcome the opportunity to contribute to the group ambitions and strategy”

Orangeworks was established in 1970 by founder Cyriel Kint under the name of Staalwerk in the village of Mill in the Netherlands. Over the years, the company has evolved from a focus on engineering and technical solutions to one that is geared toward food technology. This strategy has allowed Orangeworks to count Multinational brands in the food processing industry among its client base.

Tanis Food Tec was founded in 1991 by Peter Tanis following a long-standing career in the global food industry. TFT, based in Lelystad, boasts extensive R&D facilities including a testing laboratory for product development. Given this background in technology, TFT has achieved a global position for itself as the engineers and suppliers of high-quality process lines with a particular focus on bakery and confectionery products and an emphasis on product innovation and customised solutions.

Process knowledge, creativity and production efficiency are now being brought together. With a strong basis in high end knowledge in food technology
Orangeworks and TFT are developing and building machines and production equipment together to help our customers innovate their markets and niches.

From creative concept to tasty treat: TFT knows how to turn sweetness into success. Our innovative minds are continuously exploring new techniques to create the perfect formula.
The transition from TFT to Orangeworks doubles our creative, advanced possibilities to eat you have your cake and eat it too.
The proof of the pudding -or cake- is in the eating. Both execution and quality must be pitch-perfect, especially in food-technology. All depends on putting the right recipes and processes into practice at a reliable production line. That’s where Orangeworks comes in.
As process professionals, we bring cutting-edge, customized machinery and production equipment to the global food industry. From now on, we’ll be bringing the TFT-flavour as well!

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