TFT Top Company Province of Lelystad


During the very festive 14th edition of the “Flevopenningen Ondernemersgala” in Zeewolde, the winners of the “Flevopenning” were announced. The winner of “Flevopenning TOPcompany 2018” is Tanis Food Tec from Lelystad. Steven Staal, CEO Tanis Food Tec. “We are really proud of the TFT team, we’ve earned this award together”.

Winner Tanis Food Tec develops innovative machines for the food industry and does product innovation for the bakery, dairy, and confectionery industry. It not only sells and maintains machines but offers a total concept. Jury chairman Jan-Nico Appelman said that Tanis Food Tec is a solid company that has grown strongly in the international market in recent years.
It plays a leading role in the food industry and works for renowned multinationals. Tanis Food Tec plays a leading role in the food industry. Tanis Food Tec pays attention to sustainability by continuously examining whether the process and the machines can work more efficiently.

The customer is first and foremost “if something goes wrong, we first look at ourselves”, Tanis Food Tec emphasizes.

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