Gums and jellies

What is it that makes gums and jellies such a popular treat? Just look at their shapes, experience the texture and enjoy the wide range of flavours! The texture is influenced by two factors: the gelling and foaming properties of the chosen hydrocolloid, and the production process. From elastic to very short, and from gummy to highly aerated. The ingredient list can be adapted to suit cultural habits and eating customs. No matter the recipe, the production process always involves the same basic principles: ingredient mixing, then increasing the solid content by cooking-evaporating, then buffering for further handling depending on what candy you want to make. TFT product specialists help you upgrade your existing jelly products and production or work closely with you on developing new ideas from scratch and translating them into a process line. As the name giver of our company comes from a pedigree of candy specialists with worldwide renown your confectionery is in safe hands!

TFT’s speciality is TEMPERING and AERATING gums and jellies, for full production lines we work closely together with Tanis Confectionery.