Sandwich biscuits

Sandwich biscuits are the products that are being produced at the highest numbers and volumes globally by far. Starting in 1912 the Oreo Sandwich is still iconic of this product range. Nowadays we see numerous derivative products in countless configurations, such as deposited soft biscuits, wire cut biscuits, rotary, die-cut, not to mention all the different fillings such as cream, caramel and marshmallow to fruit and jelly. TFT can proudly say that over the last 25 years a considerable number of the globally installed automatic sandwich lines are equipped with a TFT kitchen for the filling(s). Being a leading company in this field obliges us to manufacture state of the art and innovative equipment. This has resulted in a wide range of top notch equipment, designed with only one thing in mind: to guarantee an efficient, reliable and safe production process for our worldwide customers. We are ready to share our expertise with you!