TFT-ROTOPLUS RP1000-2000-3000

The TFT-RotoPlus is the worldwide standard in continuous aeration technology. Being present in the market for nearly 30 years the TFT-RotoPlus has proven its reputation over and over in numerous applications. The fact that we still see machines from these early days doing their tasks on a daily base proves the reliability of this machine. The mixing head design is unique: stronger by it unique pin shape, leak-free by no drilling, lower revs by its unique pre mixing chamber. Over the years TFT has invested a lot of energy in its control software and HMI’s, our philosophy is that a process/machine can on perform well and efficient with a logic and consistent human machine interface. The state of the art controls and its reliable and rigid mechanical designs is a winning combination. We can see the TFT-RotoPlus in countless applications nowadays, stand-alone or in a full process set-up and we are proud to have created this standard.

TFT-ROTOPLUS RP1000-2000-3000


  • Unique mixing head design: no risk of leaking by welded design (no drilling), stronger and more rigid by pin shape
  • Lower RPM’s possible by unique premix chamber
  • Various seal types for product from smooth to high abrasive
  • Water jacketed Rotor an Stator for optimal temperature control
  • Easy maintenance and optimal accessibility of components
  • Hygienic design and CIP cleanable
  • TFT smart control system and intuitive HMI’s for stand-alone operation or full integration in complete process set-ups
  • Range from 400 kg/hr up to 3.000 kg/hr (for a single headed machine)

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