TFT-Impellor mixer

The TFT-Impellor mixer is a batch mixer designed to mix and hydrate dry ingredients with low viscosity liquids homogeneously (for example gelatin and water). Executed with a special design impellor type mixer a lump-free mix is guaranteed. The tank is jacketed to keep your product at the required temperature. The mixer can be mounted on top of a holding tank and be emptied by gravity or the optional bottom mounted transfer pump empties the mixer (also upstream or over longer distance). Of course CIP, ingredient feeding and controls are part of the concept.

TFT-Impellor mixer


  • Special designed for lump free operation
  • CIP-able design
  • Prepared to be connected and communicate with (third party) dosing systems
  • Can be executed with load cell weighing systems and mass flow measurements
  • Very high performance on gelatin/water solutions

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