Even though this type of velvety cake originates from the USA it nowadays is most popular in Asia with China as main producer. The typical chiffon cake is in a league of its own and differs in quite a number of ways from all other types of cake both in process and in ingredients. Where most cakes are being made with fat or butter the chiffon cake is made with oil. The benefit of oil is that the product gets pleasant eating properties and stays moist for a longer period. Downside of using oil is the fact that aerating the batter is very difficult. To solve this the regular way of cake production is changed into a two phase process. Firstly the egg albumen is mixed with sugar and aerated in our TFT aerator. In another pre-mixer the egg yolk, flour and other ingredients are mixed and buffered. The highly aerated egg albumen foam is pumped towards the hoppers of the filling line and the egg yolk/flour mix is injected into the stream where static mixers gently fold the egg yolk into the albumen. The mixed chiffon batter is pumped into the third party hoppers above the filling line.