According to some cup cakes are exactly the same product, being a cake baked in a paper tray in the shape of a mushroom. We might note the difference of a cake texture versus a more bread like structure in a muffin. Or that cup cakes are made with fat or butter and muffins with oil, like a Chiffon cake. Whatever the exact difference may be between a muffin and a cup cake, we love them both! And we are happy to help you getting the right production line to work with your recipe and ingredients.TFT’s process knowledge on these products makes it possible to build the most versatile systems in the industry. Some of the cake products are complex combined products using vanilla batter, chocolate batter, a water based pasteurized cream as a filling and a pectin jelly as a topping. TFT has all equipment available to produce this product completely from raw ingredients. Making exactly the type of cup cake or muffin your customer wants. Don’t know yet which variations you want to produce? TFT has a special program available to support you with the development of an idea to the final product coming from the line.