Manufacturing base syrup for marshmallow, angel kisses, pectin jam/jelly, caramel or other products calls for a cooking system. The goal of cooking is to reduce the water content in the syrup resulting in an increased percentage of solids (┬░Brix). For most syrups water, glucose, sugar -and in certain cases a hydrocolloid- are mixed. Then steam is used to heat the cooker and cook the syrup, thus partially evaporating the water. The level of evaporation depends on the type of product being made. For some syrups a batch-type cooker with a stirring system is needed; other syrups need a thermosyphon system that generates natural produced agitation.

Which type and size of cooker you need for your specific product will be advised by a TFT specialist for each process individually.

  • Fully automated system where the syrup is cooked to the exact correct solid content. The cooking temperature is stored in the recipe as a set point.
  • No human interference, so no cooking errors
  • Operator safety guaranteed since the complete system is closed
  • The same cooker is usable for many types of products

For complete solutions for jellies & gums, and candy bars, there is a close cooperation with Tanis Confectionery

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