Make up line

In the kitchen area of the marshmallow system the product is made and pumped towards the so-called make-up line. On this line all marshmallow varieties can be made. The process starts by depositing a thick ant-sticking layer of starch or dextrose on the conveyor belt. The marshmallow is extruded on top of the starch. At the end of the make up line a top layer of starch is applied to fully cover the ropes of candy after which the product are being cut using a guillotine. The frequency of cutting determines the length of the final product. After cutting the product fall into a vibratory sieve where the candy and starch are separated. The starch is automatically returned to the starch depositing sprinklers.

Make up line


  • No operator interference necessary
  • Anti-dust suction systems positioned at strategic parts of the line to prevent starch coming in the production area
  • Small footprint due to low depositing temperature
  • Depositing manifold can be applied to make marshmallow shapes such as ducks, snowmen etc.

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