Since continuous aeration technology is only one part of the TFT portfolio, the market demanded an even more flexible R&D platform. The new RotoPilotPlant needed to have the same heating, chilling and crystallizing capabilities as large-scale production lines. To make this possible, TFT started developing a laboratory scale scraped surface heat exchanger (SSHE).

With this addition to the existing RotoPilot, the R&D machine has become even more versatile.



One of the biggest benefits of the additional SSHE is its capability of continuous crystallizing and aerating of all types of cream type fillings for sandwich biscuits, wafers and many more products. The capability to cool a cream, sugar syrup or aerated foam in-line for marshmallow production is a major benefit. This was the starting point for TFT to develop a versatile R&D platform combining aerator, scraped surface heat exchanger, water tempering and color/flavor (or acid) injection.

  • All process steps in one system
  • Versatile easy and reliable
  • Minimal product waste
  • Fast results

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