Nougat has its ancient roots firmly in the Mediterranean and Middle East. But who else than the French to make it a confection delicacy with the city of Montélimar as its epicentre. In fact, there are two types of nougat and the Montélimar is the softer, chewier type due to the egg whites in its recipe. Industrial production is as delicate as its final product. It requires complete and continuous control over parameters such as cooking temperature of the sugar or honey, the aeration of the egg whites (albumen), and the mixing of albumen into the cooked syrup, then carefully adding inclusions like nut and fruit pieces into the mix. TFT helps you with software controlled, continuous process equipment. Parameters of all equipment can be run by one operator. Making sure your final product is worthy of carrying the name Montélimar.

For complete solutions there is a close cooperation with Tanis Confectionery.