An exciting variation on regular marshmallow is the addition of a jelly filling. A tasty surprise at the heart of the marshmallow. They can be made in any desired size, colour and taste. To make your brand’s signature marshmallow we prepare a base (white) marshmallow in the TFT Marshmallow kitchen and split that in four streams. Into each stream we inject colours and flavours and pump them to the extruder. A regular manifold has four extrusion channels, but for Jelly filled marshmallow an extra channel extrudes the jelly in the centre of the marshmallow streams. A starch layer on the conveyor belt prevents the sticking of extruded marshmallow to the conveyor. A second layer is deposited on the ropes to easily guillotine-cut them at the right length. The pieces fall in a vibrating sieve and excess starch is collected to be re-used. Jelly is cooked in an additional TFT Cooking system, then run through a CFA Injection station. Colours, flavours and acid are mixed into the base jelly according to your unique recipe.