The Twisted Cable marshmallow is a children’s favourite but also loved by many grownups. Of course, they can be produced in any desired size, colour and taste. To make your brand’s signature Twisted Cable a base (white) marshmallow is prepared in the TFT Marshmallow kitchen. We split the marshmallow stream in four and into each stream we inject colours and flavours. Those four coloured streams are pumped to the rotating extrusion manifold. The manifold twists the ropes while extruding them on a starch bed on the conveyor belt. The starch prevents the sticking of marshmallow to the conveyor. On top of the ropes of marshmallow, a full second layer of starch is deposited to easily guillotine-cut the ropes at the right length. The pieces fall in a vibrating sieve and excess starch is collected to be re-used. The finished product is then transferred to the curing room before packaging.